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docbabyWe operate an appointment system to allow you to be seen at a set time. Booked appointments are usually ten minutes long. This is enough time for one major or two minor problems. If you have a number of problems to discuss, please either make a double appointment or spread them out over a number of consultations. This will help your doctor run their surgery on time and minimize waiting times for other patients.

Please ring between 8.30 and 11.00am for appointments.

Patients who have an urgent problem will always be seen on the same day. 

If you ring early on the day and can attend in the morning it helps us keep slots available for patients who need emergency treatment in the afternoons.

Please ring in the morning if you require a home visit on the same day. It helps us a lot if you can avoid making an appointment on Monday or Friday (our busiest days) if your problem can wait for one of the days in the middle of the week.

Similarly, please use your common sense around bank holidays; the days before and after a bank holiday weekend are also unusually busy with patients needing urgent problems sorted out; it will help us if you can avoid these.
Please feel free to book your appointment with whichever doctor or nurse you would like help with a particular problem. If you wish to see a specific doctor you may have to wait a few days as not all doctors are in every day.

The receptionists will always try and meet your wishes. If you are prepared to give them some idea of your problem, it will help them help you. To provide choice each doctor consults at slightly different times.
If you have difficulty with communication then please ask for a double appointment. Try to do this as this helps doctors to run on time.

Please call the surgery to book an appointment on 0208 427 2470 

Patient Partner System

We are pleased to announce our automated phone system is now live. This lets patients book, change and cancel appointments on the phone automatically 24 hours a day. We hope this will reduce waiting times on the phone for our patients and provide a more convenient way for patients to book appointments. 

You will be asked for your date of birth and phone number through the automated system and so it is important we have up to date details for you. 

You can also book appointments online via this website. If you have not got your log-in, please contact us to get your unique username and password. 

Questions to ask

Before you leave your appointment make sure you know the following:

What might be wrong? You could ask the following questions:
• Can I check that I’ve understood what you said? What you’re saying is...
• Can you explain it again? I still don’t understand.
• Can I have a copy of any letters written about me?

What about any further tests, such as blood tests,
scans and so on?
• What are the tests for?
• How and when will I get the results?
• Who do I contact if I don’t get the results?

About what treatment if any, is best for you
• Are there other ways to treat my condition?
• What do you recommend?
• Are there any side effects or risks?
• How long will I need treatment for?
• How will I know if the treatment is working?
• How effective is this treatment?
• What will happen if I don’t have any treatment?
• Is there anything I should stop or avoid doing?
• Is there anything else I can do to help myself?

What happens next and who
to contact
• What happens next? Do I come back and see you?
• Who do I contact if things get worse?
• Do you have any written information?
• Where can I go for more information, a support group or more help?