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Seqirus to patients over 65.

Mylan to patients under 65.

Wednesday 26th September 13:30 – 16:15

Wednesday 3rd October 13:30 – 15:45

Friday 5th October 13:30 – 16:15

Wednesday 10th October 13:30 – 15:45

Friday 12th October 13:30 – 16:15

Wednesday 17th October 13:30 – 15:45

Friday 19th October 13:30 – 16:15

Wednesday 24th October 13:30 – 15:45

Thursday 25th October 13:30 – 15:45

Friday 26th October 13:30 – 15:45

Thursday 01st November 13:30 – 15:45

Thursday 08th November 13:30 – 15:45


CHILDREN ONLY (2 and 3 year olds ONLY at Alexandra Avenue)

Saturday 29th September 09:00 –12:00


We know that getting an appointment with us on Mondays can sometimes be tricky!

To address this, from Monday February 5th we are making changes to improve access.

The changes are designed to make sure patients are directed to the most appropriate clinician to help them with what they need.

When you contact us, the reception will ask you a few basic questions what you need and your reasons for calling. If you are calling because you want to speak to or see a GP, the receptionist will arrange for a GP to call you back on that same morning/afternoon (depending on when you are calling) so they can get more information on your condition and make sure they book you in with the right person, or resolve the matter with you on the phone if that is appropriate.

This will also apply to our registered patients attending Alexandra Avenue walk-in centre while the practice is open. This is because the clinicians at the walk-in centre may not be able to do everything you may need, such as referrals, so it is important that we make sure we understand what you need and get you seen in the right place.

These changes mean that we are able to get patients to see the right person quicker and minimise waiting.

We would really value feedback from you on how you find these changes.


What do you want to do?

Book an appointment

Order a repeat prescription

Self Care

Thinking of visiting us? Check if you need to here first. 

Need an appointment Monday-Friday? Did you know we have a duty doctor at the Ridgeway who can see patients on the day even when we have reached our allocation of routine appointments? This doctor will be able to discuss the acute problem you have. If you wish to discuss multiple issues, please book a routine appointment.

Please see the 'Prescriptions' section of our website for new information relating to prescription requests, and step by step instructions to sign up to the new system  Patient Emis Access Registration

Please note there is currently a 4 week wait for a travel clinic so please book well in advance.

Important message for patients 

We have all read that the NHS is facing challenges to continue to deliver high quality care to patients. NHS services need to ensure the care they provide is of a high standard, safe and cost-effective.

One way the Ridgeway Surgery is participating in this is by taking part in the Harrow CCG's Medicines Optimisation Scheme. A key element of this scheme is switching prescribed medication from 'branded' drugs to cheaper (but chemically identical) 'generic' medicines. These switches enable the NHS to save billions of pounds and direct these savings towards improved and expanded patient care.

We are starting to roll out these switches now and so you may start to see a different name listed for your medication. The Doctors here at the Ridgeway have looked over the recommended drugs to switch and have checked them against patient records and have only agreed to make the changes where it is safe and appropriate to do so. 

We appreciate your understanding and co-operation in this matter. 

Patient Partner System

We are pleased to announce our automated phone system is now live. This lets patients book, change and cancel appointments on the phone automatically 24 hours a day. We hope this will reduce waiting times on the phone for our patients and provide a more convenient way for patients to book appointments. 

You will be asked for your date of birth and phone number through the automated system and so it is important we have up to date details for you. 

You can also book appointments online via this website. If you have not got your log-in, please contact us to get your unique username and password. 


Each permanent patient has been allocated a named accountable GP. If you are not sure of your named accountable GP and would like this information, please contact us.

If you are over 75 – you will have received a letter last year advising you.

In general, we have allocated doctors to patients by birthday month. Please see list below.
(i.e. if your birthday is in January you are allocated to Dr Lloyd)

Birthday Month Named Doctor

January, February, March                      Dr David Lloyd

April, May                                               Dr Kenneth Walton

June, July                                               Dr Milan Dagli

August November, December               Dr Shazia Bokhari

September                                             Dr Genevieve Small

October                                                  Dr Clare Etherington

**Please Note- Patients are still able to see whichever GP they would like regardless of who is their named accountable GP.**


The surgery is running a short survey to get patient feedback called the Family & Friends Survey. Please click the link to the right of this page under the Have Your Say heading to give us your thoughts and feedback on our service. 



All GP Practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice.

The average pay for GPs working for six months or more in The Ridgeway Surgery in the last financial year was £44546 before Tax and National Insurance. This is for 5 full time, 8 part-time and 13 locum GPs.



 Latest edition of our patient group newsletter (Winter/Spring 2018) is available below

RSPG Newsletter Summer/Autumn 2018 


 The surgery records patient electronic records through a program called EMIS. We have formally changed to this records system from July 22nd 2015.

In due course once EMIS have made the option available, patients will be able to sign-up to view key information on their medical records such as repeat medications and allergies. 

We will update this page once this system is up and running.

Have you recently changed your address, contact telephone number or email? If so, please contact us to advise us of the change, either via the form below, in person or by calling our reception team on 020 8427 2470

 ***** PLEASE READ THIS *****


There are 2 different schemes for Patient Data, one is Summary Care Records and the other is


How sharing information in your medical records can help the NHS to provide better care


Using information about the care you have received, enables those involved in providing care and health services to improve the quality of care and health services for all. The role of the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) is to ensure that high quality information is used appropriately to improve patient care.

NHS England has therefore commissioned a programme of work on behalf of the NHS, public health and social care services to address gaps in information. Our aim is to ensure that the best possible evidence is available to improve the quality of care for all.

It is important that the NHS can use this information to get a complete picture of what is happening across health and social care and to plan services according to what works best. The new system will provide joined-up information about the care received from all of the different parts of the health service, including hospitals and GP practices.

Your date of birth, full postcode, NHS Number and gender rather than your name will be used to link your records in a secure system, managed by the HSCIC. Once this information has been linked, a new record will be created. This new record will not contain information that identifies you. The type of information shared, and how it is shared, is controlled by law and strict confidentiality rules.

Sharing information about the care you have received helps us to understand the health needs of everyone and the quality of the treatment and care provided and reduce inequalities in the care provided. The new system will also provide information that will enable the public to hold the NHS to account and ensure that any unacceptable standards of care are identified as quickly as possible. For information and your rights, please click on the link NHS England leaflet


What is the difference between and the summary care record?

The summary care record is a different kind of information sharing. It began in 2010. This is an electronic summary of your medical record for practical clinical use. This is so that if you are being treated away from home, for example, the doctor treating you would know essential details. This would include your allergies, regular medication and past history. Since this began, you have had the option of opting out of this scheme too. There is a form for this, available from your GP surgery. It is a different one from the opt-out form. One form cannot be used for both. Different codes are put on your records to opt out of each scheme. You can change your mind at any time.

How do I opt out?


If you prefer for your information not to be shared in this way, you can choose to opt out.  You do not need to make an appointment with your GP to do this . The best way to do this would be to put in writing to your GP that you wish not to share your information with the HSCIC. You can write a letter or complete a form. There is no specific form to be completed but several are available. Your GP surgery may have a form available on its website, or at reception for you to complete. Or you can download this   dissent form Complete the form and send it to your GP. They will then put a code on your records so that the information cannot flow to the HSCIC.


How information about you helps us to provide better care


Confidential  information from your medical records can be used by the NHS to improve services offered so we can provide the best possible care for everyone.  This information along with your post code and NHS number but not your name, are sent to a secure system where it can be linked with other health information.  This allows those planning NHS services or carrying out medical research to use information  from different parts of the NHS in a way which does not identify you. 


You have a choice.  If you are happy for your information to be used in this way you do not have to do anything. If you have any concerns or wish to prevent this from happening, please speak to the practice staff or ask at the Reception for a copy of the leaflet "How information about you helps us to provide better care".  Additional guidance and resources can be found here Frequently asked questions for patients


Additional information is also available from the NHS England link NHS England


CQC- Putting patients first

Under the Health and Social Care Act (2008), from 1 April 2013 all providers of NHS general practice (and other primary medical services) must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). People have a right to expect safe, high quality care. All registered GP providers are now legally required to meet the national standards of quality and safety.

A profile with details of our registration is now available to the public on our website.Our patients, MPs and the media can set up email alerts when your profile updates, including when CQC publish a new inspection report about our services.We have added a widget to link directly from the Ridgeway website to our profile on CQC website, so that our patients are kept up-to-date on the standards we are meeting.

The most important thing for us all to remember about the work we all do, is who we are doing this for – our patients. 


Safe and trusted apps to help you manage your health   (click)

  • Discover Apps to help you manage your health
  • Reviewed by the NHS to ensure they are clinically safe
  • Rated by you and the health care community



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Training and Teaching at the Ridgeway Surgery


As a Deanery-supervised Training Practice, we have Foundation and Registrar Doctors on 6 or 12 months placements. These doctors see all Ridgeway patients as well as their own list of patients.


Our practice is also a "Community Teaching Practice" for King's College London School of Medicine. With the supervision of your doctor or nurse, medical students may, with your consent in advance, to join your consultation. This is one way medical students learn to become good doctors and understand patient views about their care. We appreciate your help with their learning. Please let your doctor or practice manager know if you have any questions about our community medical teaching.





Patient Information and e-leaflets


Our preferred on-line information resource is the Patient information website - follow the link - Patient Information Leaflets



 Countries of origin eligible for LTBI testing and treatment.docx

Anonymous Call Barring 
Do you have call barring at home? If so, the practice may have trouble contacting you. You may wish to consider adding the surgery numbers to your preferred list


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