We are fortunate to benefit from the expertise of a wide range of healthcare professionals (clinicians) at The Ridgeway Surgery which include GPs, practice nurses, advanced nurse practitioners, physicians associates, pharmacists, healthcare assistants, dietitians, health visitors and a highly skilled team of non-clinicians.

This means the best person to help deal with your issue may not always be a doctor but GPs are always available where necessary. Having our varied team helps to share learning and best practice and means we can be more responsive to patient need. This means when you access us, you will be directed to the member of our team who is best able to deal with your problem.

How to Make an Appointment

When you contact us with a new problem, we will arrange for a clinician to call you back to discuss the best way we can help you.

If you are unable to give us a call you can fill out the econsult form on our website, titled “Contact your doctors online”. This will ask you a series of questions which will then be sent to the team for the attention of a clinician.

Face-to-face appointments to see our nursing team can be made by speaking to a member of the reception team.

Appointments may be booked in several ways:


Patients can book appointments using online services. You will be able to make an appointment for a telephone call with a clinician using this method.

If you haven’t set up your Patient Access account, please ask the reception for details.

By Phone

Patients can book an appointment by calling reception on The Ridgeway Surgery 0208 427 2470 or The Ridgeway Branch Surgery .

In Person

Patients can visit the surgery and book an appointment with the receptionist. Due to the Covid pandemic we are advising patients to call us or go online to arrange an appointment instead of coming to the practice.


Book an appointment using the NHS e-Referral Service

If you have been referred to a hospital or clinic through the NHS e-Referral Service, booking your appointment online is easy, safe and secure.

You’ll need:

  • the booking reference number stated on your booking letter
  • the password or access code you were given by the person or organisation that referred you (for example, your GP practice)

If you have been referred but don’t have your booking reference number or a password or access code, please contact the person or organisation that referred you.

Please visit this link for how to:

  • check your appointment details
  • change your appointment
  • cancel your appointment
  • cancel your referral

For more information, read about what happens when you’re referred.

How to choose your hospital or clinic

In some cases you’ll have more than 1 clinic or hospital to choose from. The list of options will be the same if you book online or over the phone.

Before you select your clinic and appointment slot, consider all the options.

For example:

  • How long do I have to wait for my first appointment?
  • How quickly can I start my treatment?
  • How far away is the hospital or clinic?

In most cases you have the legal right to choose the hospital or service you’d like to go to.

This will include many private hospitals, as long as they provide services to the NHS.

Learn more about your choices in the NHS.

What to do if you haven’t been referred yet

If you want to be seen at a hospital or clinic, you’ll need to speak to your GP.

They’ll help you decide what care is best for you and make any necessary referrals.

Find out more about GP referrals