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Help for parents with children under 5

We know things have been very hard for people who have had babies and small children during lockdown. You will have seen on the news that lots of children, who have been kept away from catching things from people for over a year, are getting lots of coughs, colds, diarrhoea and other illnesses.

There is no evidence that children are getting any more serious illnesses than usual. It is very important that if you are at all worried that your child is seriously ill, that you contact us at the Ridgeway or 111 for help. Because of trying to keep people safe from Covid please try to use eConsult or phone us, rather than just turning up at the surgery with your child.

This leaflet gives lots of ideas about how you can help decide if you need to ask for help, simple treatments that are safe to try, and a reminder that you can also ask people like your community pharmacist for advice. How to help your unwell child May 2020